With the increasing use of digital technology in our everyday lives, threats to our security are becoming a more prevalent in today’s society.The needs of an audience are diverse and particularly suited to how an individual uses technology in their everyday lives and work environment.  For this purpose the presentation has been constructed to be highly adaptable in order to focus on the relevant topics in your current situation.  This is meant to serve as a rough guide for the topics that the speakers have knowledge of and a framework of what may be discussed.  The presentation is tailored to both the needs and expertise of the audience involved.  While the goal is to provide an overview of methods for compromising security, going beyond to provide a better explanation of how particular attacks are carried out is an option for audiences that require this knowledge.  The purpose of this presentation is to better prepare individuals to respond to the threats that they may be facing in society that increasing relies on technology.  The best defense comes from knowing how the attacks will be carried out in order to stay one step ahead of those with nefarious intent. 


CYBER SECURITY: Protecting Yourself in the Modern Digital Age